A Shared Platform

I am only as strong as the input, concerns, questions, and discussions that arise from talking to each ward member. I also feel it is important to share my platform while recognizing that fluidity is an aspect that encompasses all city relationships.

Sustainable Growth

The notion in business that “if you are not growing, you are dying” is critical to the success of a thriving municipality. I support infrastructure that continues to bring Edmonton to the forefront of international cities; however, following the global pandemic, we need to practice patience and restraint. Better days will be ahead. In 2022, one of our priorities should be the stewardship of existing infrastructure instead of noncritical projects.

  • Compliment and grow the incentive program for businesses to inhabit the many recently vacated buildings and offices downtown.

  • Proposed projects such as the gondola proposal need to be reexamined if they are synonymous with “sustainable growth.”

  • Analysis and review of Edmonton’s future major construction projects.

Diversity & Inclusion

The lack of inclusion that occurs in communities has been evident for a long time. Social media is the tool for many marginalized groups to have their voices heard. Cellphone footage from local bystanders should not be the trigger to finally examine community dynamics. The City of Edmonton should look to improve and evolve with cultural, racial, and social discussions.

  • Communicate public messaging on diversity and inclusion that is purposeful, strategic, meaningful, and accessible.

  • Set achievable goals for engagement regardless of age, ethnicity, sexuality, or spirituality.

  • Prioritize youth. Impressionable young minds are a great starting point for inclusion.

Community Connectivity

The COVID-19 pandemic has created societal practices that promote isolation above connection within the community. To support our city’s recovery, I am proposing that Edmonton develop temporary initiatives that incentivize and encourage public use of City amenities and community spaces by all residents.

  • Reduce costs for patrons to encourage usage and increase the frequency of visits.

  • Hold quarterly community league days instead of yearly and allow communities to host events at a multitude of facilities.

  • Look at all viable options for increasing community connectivity.

Environmental Resiliency

I recognize Edmonton’s commitment to becoming a greener city with a reduced carbon footprint and the progress it has made towards community environmental stewardship. I support the continuation of the City’s comprehensive City Plan towards being climate-resilient. Most importantly, I want the implementation to target critical milestones with achievable timelines.

  • Promotion of recycled solid waste.

  • Add one million trees to Edmonton’s urban tree canopy by planting new trees and preserving existing natural areas.

  • Implement the Community Energy Transition Strategy to make Edmonton an energy sustainable city and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Innovative Service Delivery

The most dominant and prevalent tool that we utilize on a day-to-day basis is our cell phones. It is arguably the most practical device we use for communication from a societal, community-driven, economic, and logistical standpoint. The discussion and future of cell phones will be critical for all generations.

  • Enhance existing City of Edmonton mobile apps while exploring the possibilities of new pertinent applications.

  • Research into how mobile technology is changing city planning.

  • The creation of more public charging stations.

Comments from the Community

“I have known Mark Davies for over 30 years and can attest to his passion for the city of Edmonton. I am confident that Mark will advocate for responsible & sustainable growth in Edmonton, and that he will champion the interests of residents of Ward Anirniq on all important issues.”

— Patrik Foff, President, Gryphon Benefits & Insurance

“I think what will distinguish Mark from other candidates is his natural empathetic instincts. Mark is truly interested in listening to and learning from his fellow citizens. Having a Ward Councillor whose first reflex is to get a feeling of how people think about the issues of the day and presenting their concerns, would be a great asset to City Council, the Ward and the entire city.”

— Paul Lemon, CPA